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1                                 Championship Relay Workouts (book & DVD)     to information page $59.95 + S&H Fee  Book & DVD

2                                         Developing Youth Track Club Champions     to information page $59.95 + S&H Fee Book & DVD

3                                       Coach Silvey's Arkansas Training Program     to information page $49.95 + S&H Fee

4                                          Coach Silvey's Oregon Training Program     to information page $49.95 + S&H Fee

5                                               Football Speed Development Training     to information page $59.95 + S&H Fee  book & DVD

DVDs Only $29.95 each
Sprints DVD

Hurdles DVD

Relays DVD

6               World Class "All-Sports" Speed Training  Revised See Championship Sprint Training 


7                                                                                             World Class "Elite" Hurdle Training Book/DVD $58.95     

8                                                                                                      World Class "Relay Training Book/DVD $58.95     

9               Championship Training for the 300/400 meter Hurdles $59.95 Book & DVD

10      Coach Silvey's Texas Tech Training Program Book         Click for Description$49.95     

11                        Coach Silvey's National Champions: Blinn College Training Program Book$44.95   


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