Enjoy the benefits of juicing without the inconvenience of shopping, washing, cutting, clean-up.  Vegetables build and fortify the body.   Through a special process, water and wastes are eliminated, preserving only the nutritional components of vegetables which are from organically and naturally grown whole food sources.

SUGGESTED USAGE:   2 (two) veggie capsules P.M. with water.

Each VEGGIE POWER capsule contains: Portions of concentrated Carrot, Barley, Parsley, Beet, Kale, Broccoli, Cabbage.




1 Fruit  1 Veggie

60 capsules each bottle


                              Fruit Power & VEGGIE POWER TM 






*Daily dosage equivalent to 8-10 pounds of   vegetables *Lowers cholesterol & blood pressure
*Better digestion*Feel more regular
*Improved appetite control *Less aches & pains
*Reduces allergy symptoms *More energy
*Sleep less & better *Great for traveling