Now Only in Vancouver, WA


Technical Training "out of your sport season"

"In season training only with approval from

your head coach"

Hurdling, Speed Training,

Strength & Power for swimmers starts and turns.

[ note :approximately one-third of a swimmers

short course race is leg power from starts and turns]

Note: being strong does not mean you

demonstrate power.

This is not recreational training.

Competitive Athletes only.

Speed for all sports

Coach John R. Six,  MS PE Texas Southern University, 
BS Ed Drake University, former
NSCA Certified Strength & Conditioning
Specialist, PADI Scuba Certified, Coach for several
Olympic athletes and collegiate All-Americans.
1986 US Olympic Development Committee
for women's sprint hurdles.

World Class All Sports Speed Development
Camps have been conducted since 1994
in various cities around the United States. 
 In Vancouver, WA training is tailored
to the individuals  needs.   Athletes will learn
the most current strategies for development
of power, technique and speed.